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About gym

The Delta Fitness Club was born in 2000, in the city center of Debrecen. The equipments of the GYM have expanded recently, with HOIST, TechnoGym and Impulse machines.

The delta is a friendly GYM, everyone can feel comfortable, everyone can find the most appropriate activity for themselves. Next to the weights and machines, there are kettlebells, TRX, fit-balls, boxing room in the GYM.

In the future, we are trying to continue the progress. We are waiting for everyone with love, who wants to change!

Massage /Solarium


Refreshing, relaxing, essential oil, cellulite massage in the Delta Fitness!

40 min 4000 HUF
60 min 5000 HUF
80 min 6000 HUF
Refreshing sole massage 25 minutes 3500 HUF

Massage passes
5x40 min 16 000 HUF
5x50 min 20 000 HUF
5x60 min 24 000 HUF

Masseur: Irén Leiter
Book an appointment:
+36 20 21 21 310
+36 30 71 93 146


We are waiting for guests with Ergoline Solarium. The solarium is maintain continuously, providing the expected effect.
prices at the prices menu.

Delta Fitness

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 22:00

Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 20:00

Price table


7500 HUF /month
  • for 3 month 21,000 HUF
  • for 6 month 42,000 HUF


7000 HUF /month
  • for 3 month 20,000 HUF
  • for 6 month 39,000 HUF


6500 HUF /month
  • for 3 month 19,500 HUF
  • for 6 month 39,000 HUF


1300 HUF /day

Solarium fee

  • 6 min 500 HUF
  • 10 x 6 min 4,500 HUF
Our prices are in Hungarian Forint and include the VAT.

acceptable cards

Delta Fitness
Delta Fitness
Delta Fitness
Delta Fitness
Delta Fitness
Delta Fitness


The rules apply throughout the GYM.

1. The club equipments can be used with a valid season or daily ticket.
2. In the gym you can stay in changed shoes and in appropriate sportswear!
3. Equipment may only be operated properly, using it at your own risk.
4. The manual and reel weights must be replaced in their place after use and are
strictly forbidden putting next to the wall!
5. Do not move the machines.
6. Machines, benches can only be used with towels!
7. Everyone is obligated to reimburse the damage caused.
8. Smoking and alcohol consumption throughout the club are prohibited!
9. Only a lockable non-fragile bottle can be used in the gym!
10. Drink in the hallway in front of the dressing room. Do not eat in the gym!
11. We do not take responsibility for valuables left in lockers.
12. Before the dressing room key is delivered, no one can leave the gym!
13. Take care for each other and the equipment intact!

our client

I've been training for 9 years here, everything is given for a good workout, the room is constantly evolving. That's my second home.

- Richard Sipos

After work my first way is the Delta. Almost the best price in this city. Only the Delta!

- Melinda Borsodi

Good atmosphere and homely environment, I can only recommend everyone.

- Robert Erdei

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